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Dear Devotees,

I convey my heartiest congratulations to literally hundreds of devotees, volunteers and well-wishers who have been associated with the Hindu Heritage Centre since its inception in 2005. Many of you have been part of this journey, which has had its share of obstacles, yet you all have been steadfast in your commitment and dedication to get this project completed. Your faith has strengthened my resolve to move forward to establish this centre as a seat of Hindu learning, providing the best traditions and values of Hinduism in the areas of spiritual enlightenment, religious discourses, rich cultural and traditional values.

It had been my desire from many years ago to undertake this dream and make it a reality. I am blessed to have been given this opportunity through the graces of the almighty and I am pleased in all humility to report to you that this project is now a reality. In keeping with the changing times and needs we continue to make necessary changes and improvements. We provide regular religious services, 7 days a week and celebrate all festivities in keeping with traditions and customs. We offer an array of services to the community in the areas of: classes teaching tabla, Hindi and Sanskrit language classes, Balvihar classes, Kathak, Bollywood and Bharatnatyam dance classes, vocal training and yoga classes. In addition dedicated religious services in the Kuchipudi and Telugu languages are held on special days, once a week.

In keeping with the tenants of Hinduism, I request each and every devotee to set aside some time from our busy materialistic lives and devote time to worship and service god.  Do service to others and do not expect rewards, God will take care of that in his own way. He does that each and every day to each and every one of us, yet we do not stop and find the time to serve him. I want to pay special homage to all the Swami’s, gurus and other learned and eminent individuals who have showered me with their blessings. For the work I have undertaken, all; this would not have been possible without their good wishes and prayers. I would also like to express my appreciation and thanks to the many representatives from the three levels of government, and the business institutions that have been their to assist, guide and make this project a reality. I look forward to your continued support as we move forward together. At the end i want to pray. May the blessings of our divine mother be with us always. May all be freed from dangers. May all realize what is good. May all be actuated by noble thoughts. May all rejoice everywhere.


Humbly yours in the service of God and Humanity,

Acharya Surender Sharma Shastri

Founder, President, Head Priest

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