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*For matrimonial service registration/subscription, matrimonial form and matrimonial database use the links provided in the Toolbar on the right. Further contact info is below.

As part of our wider commitment to the Hindu community living in Canada and particularly in GTA, we have started a Matrimonial Service to help you find a suitable marriage partner. All you have to do is simply download and complete the application form and return the completed form to us by post, in person or by e-mail. A signature is a must to accept the form. Once you have been successfully registered, you will be provided with a unique reference number which should be quoted whenever you contact the matrimonial service.

Matrimonial Service Details

This matrimonial networking event is held 4 times a year to connect eligible candidates who are seeking a life partner


Format of Networking Event:

  1. Eligible candidates are divided into 2 age groups

    • Age group 1 (22- 35)

    • Age group 2 (30- and above)

  2. On the day of networking event, all the eligible candidates need to sign up and register prior to starting of the event

  3. Gold members (people who have paid $100), these events are free. For non-gold member’s fee is $25 per event

  4. For gold members, their profile is also displayed on the matrimonial database which is available on the temple’s website

What happens during the networking event:

  1. Every girl meets every boy in the respective age group, in a secure environment at the Temple premises

  2. All boys and girls are allocated registration numbers

  3. Girls are seated on allocated table numbers while boys rotate to meet each girl

  4. Every girl meets every boy for 3 to 5 minutes. They can exchange contact number if they wish to do so

  5. All candidates are also given a sheet on which they can mark if they would like to have future conversations or not

  6. After everyone has met everyone, the floor is open for an additional 30 minutes allowing candidates to mingle with each other

  7. All sheets are collected at the end of the event and data is compiled. If only there is a mutual interest, more information is shared with the candidates

Service for Gold Members:

  1. For Gold members, 4 networking events are free

  2. Gold members are required to fill up a detailed matrimonial form and this information is updated in the matrimonial database

  3. Gold member’s profile information is then accessible on our website (without personal details)

  4. Gold members can request personal information (email and phone number) of other registered members


Rules & Suggested Donation

  1. A suggested donation of $100/year is requested to cover the expenses of the matrimonial database, web hosting, office & event expenses. A donation is requested in the name of the Hindu Heritage Centre. A donation receipt will be issued.

  2. Confidentiality is our priority: In the interest of confidentiality, no information will be supplied on the telephone or by email.

  3. Details of the person in question will be supplied only by appointment at the Hind Heritage Centre.

  4. Each appointment with Matrimonial administrator will be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.

  5. Appointment with a temple priest or Shastri Ji can be arranged if required, only after registration is complete.

  6. In order to obtain particulars of a requested Boy / Girl, you must provide his / her registration number given on the list.

  7. Profile details, Contact Address / Telephone number of up to 5 persons will be supplied at one time.

  8. You must be a registered member to get the matrimonial services

  9. If you are interested in matching the horoscope of your son or daughter, a donation of $100/year for a maximum of 10 matches is requested.

  10. If you don’t have horoscope and need one, please provide Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and Name of the boy/girl to the office. A donation of $50/horoscope is requested.

  11. It is your responsibility to inform the office if your son/daughter is married so that we can update the listing.

  12. HHC committee reserves the right to withdraw its service from anyone who does not abide by the rules.

Payment Options

You can pay the $100 fee/donation via eTransfer to or via cheque in favour of 'Hindu Heritage Centre". Please send us an email with the payment proof to 



All inquiries and completed signed forms can be sent to  

For any information related to Matrimonial, please contact Ajay Sharma at 905-220-3585 or Rajinder Gupta at 647-290-7544.

(All forms must be signed to be accepted to enter in our database)


Listing of available Boys and Girls

Click the link in the toolbar to see a list of all the available Boys and Girls currently in our database.






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