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*For matrimonial service registration/subscription, matrimonial form and matrimonial database use the links provided in the Toolbar on the right. Further contact info is below.

As part of our broader commitment to the Hindu community living in Canada, particularly in GTA, we have started a Matrimonial Service to help you find a suitable marriage partner.  You can register in our matrimonial database online and search the database for suitable profiles.


Once successfully registered, you will be provided with a unique reference number (Membership ID) which should be quoted whenever you contact the matrimonial service.

Matrimonial Service Details:

By registering in our Matrimonial Database, you will be provided with the following Services.

1.    You can request details of suitable profiles of your interest throughout the year.

2.    Participate in matrimonial networking events (3 times a year).

3.    For registered members, the networking events are free.

4.    Registered members’ profile information is accessible on our website (without personal details).



5.    A one-time fee of $100/year is requested to cover the expenses of the matrimonial database, web hosting, office & event costs. 

6.    The payment can be sent to via e-transfer.

7.    You are requested to help us keep the database current, If your situation changes and you are not interested in this service, or want to deactivate your profile, kindly send us an email at


Payment Options:

You can pay the $100 fee/donation via

1.    E-Transfer to

2.    Payment by Cheque in favour of 'Hindu Heritage Centre". 


Please send us an email with the payment proof to 

 All inquiries can be sent to  


Listing of available Boys and Girls

Click the link in the toolbar to see a list of all the available Boys and Girls currently in our database.






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