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The Centre’s mission is simple. Protect, Preserve and Promote the great Hindu way of life Hindu Heritage Centre has been established for spreading true Sanatan Culture with these specific objectives:

  1. To foster Hindu Solidarity among all sects.

  2. To educate and inspire people interested in Hinduism.

  3. To dispel misinformation and myths about Hinduism.

  4. To nurture ongoing spiritual renaissance.

  5. To promote sacred Sanatan scriptures in masses.

About Us


Hindu Heritage Centre (Hindi: हिन्दू साँस्कृतिक केन्द्र) is the largest Hindu temple and cultural centre in Mississauga. The 25 000 square feet temple serves Hindus from the Greater Toronto Area and is also considered to be one of the largest Hindu temples in Canada. It features a 10,000 square foot prayer hall, 16 classrooms where languages, cultural dances and music lessons are taught, and a 9,000 square foot banquet hall for cultural events. 

Meet Your Team

Surnder Pandit Ji 2011.jpg

Acharya Surinder Sharma Shastri


Acharya Parveen Kumar

Pandit Sanjeev.jpg

Pandit Sanjeev Kumar

Mukesh Kalia

Pandit Mukesh Kalia

Pandit YN Sharma.jpg

Pandit Yadu Nath Sharma


Pandit Dr. Sudhir Randev

Board of Directors

  • Kalawatie Bansal

  • Dr Shachi Rattan

  • Vivek Gupta

  • Damodar Sharma

  • Surinder Sharma

Pandit Goswami (Volunteer).jpg

Pandit Surendra Gosai (Volunteer)

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