Difference in festivals between India and North America 2016

1. Holika Dahan (Phalgun Purnima) March 22, 2016

Holika dahan is performed as per scriptures, at ‘pradosh kaal’ without ‘bhadra’ (after Sun set for 3 horals) on Purnima of Phalgun lunar month. This year ‘Purnima’s pradosh kaal’ is on 22nd March, 2016 as Purnima will end at 8 am on 23rd March, 2016. In India (8+9:30 =17:30 pm), but here in Canada, America, Guyana, Toronto, Surinam, due to ‘pradosh kaal’ after 19:33 and Bhadra up to 18:49, to have Holika dahan on 22nd March, 2016, as per scriptures.

2.Vasant Nav Ratra, ‘Pratipada Chaitra Shukla’  Thursday, April 7, 2016,

Chaitra Shukla pratipada Vasantaarambh, tatrodayiki pratipad grahya din dvaye uday vyapto avyapto va purva.”

Vasant Navratra starts at Sunrise on pratipada of Chaitra Shulka by installing ‘Kalash’ and also is the start of New Year. This year there is no ‘pratipada’ as it is ending on April 8th before the Sun rise. If there is even less than one auspicious moment, it can be celebrated on the previous day. It is not allowed to install ‘kalash’ in dark Moon. Amavasya is ending at 07:23, after which it can be installed. This year the ‘Vaidhrati Yog’ is up to 25:10, which is also not considered auspicious. Still as per ‘Devi Puran’, ‘Nirnay Sindhu’, and other scriptures one can install ‘Kalash’ 4 hours after Sun rise or any time in the day as per auspicious moments.

3. Raksha bandhan, Purnima, August 17th, 2016. ‘Shravan Purnima aprahan vyapini, bhadrayan dvaina kartanya’.

Purnima on August 17, Wednesday, is from 06:28 to 29:27 that is 05:27 hrs of August 18th. Sun rise is at 06:25 hrs. Purnima is throughout the whole day, therefore Raksha Bandhan will be on August 17th in Canada and America. Bhadra is at 18:16 EST, after which it is auspicious. In India it will be on August 18th (5:27 + 9:30 = 14:57), at that time there will not be any Bhadra, hence it is advisable to celebrate in India on August 18th but in USA and Canada it will be on August 17th.

4. Sidhhivinayak (Pathhar) Chaturthi, Sunday, September 4th, 2016.

As per scriptures, Sidhhivinayak Chaturthi Ganesh Puja is celebrated on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi. This year Chaturthi will start at 09:25 am on 4th September and will end at 11:40 am on September 5th. In India it will be on 5th September (11:40 + 9:30 = 21:10), hence it is appropriate to have on 5th but in Canada and America it will be on 4th September. Also, it is more appropriate to have it Sunday or Tuesday. Therefore, please observe it on 4th September by worshiping Lord Ganesh and do not see Moon on this evening.

5. Karva Chauth (Karak Chauth) October 18th, 2016.

The fast is observed on fourth of Krishna paksha in Kartik month. All the married women observe this fast for long life of their husbands, prosperity, progeny etc. by fasting and worshiping Lord Shiv, Lord Ganesh and Shadanan and break the fast after viewing Moon and offering water to Moon. Chaturthi is at 13:18 on October 18th to 10:02 of 19th October. In India it will be (10:02 + 10:30 =21:32). Therefore, in India it will be on 19th but in North America  it will be on 18th itself. Please observe fast, as per scriptures on 18th October.

6. Deepavali , Saturday, October 29th, 2016     “Kartik amayan deepavali saa u pradosh vyapini, grayah, Kartik Krishna amavas pradosh vyapini”.

It is observed on Amavas (New Moon) which will start at 11:10 on 29th, 2016 in Toronto and in India it will be start 11:10 + 10:30 = 21:40 and ends on October 30th at 13:38 Toronto time but in India (13:38 + 10:30 = 24:08) on October 30th. So in Toronto on October 30th there is no Amavas at NIsheeth and Mahanisheeth time. Here in Toronto it will be on Saturday, October 29th for Laxmi puja,’ pradosh kaal. In India Amavas will ends up at 24:08 of 30th October so definetely it will be celebrated on October 30th. Please observe various timings on Oct 29th for Diwali Puja as below:-

Pradosh Kaal 18:12 to 20:36

Tula rashi Moon 10 am to 10 am next day.

Abhijit 12:40 to 13:21.

Kark Lagna 22:00 to 24:40.

Laabh Chaughadia 14:17 to 15:33.

Amrit Chaughadia 15:33 to 16:50.

Mahanishith Kaal 14:18 to 25:06.

Singh Lagna 24:40 to 27:16.

Vrish Lagna 17:56 to 19:41.

Sayan Kaal 18:12 to 19:24.



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